Glen Powell Speaks Out After Find Out His ‘Date With A Cannibal’ Story Is ‘False’

Glen Powell got a lesson in urban legends. The “Hit Man” actor took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to clear up his viral “date with a cannibal” story that he shared on the “Therapuss” podcast in May. On June 10, the actor hilariously admitted he fell for the fake story writing, “Props to my little sister’s friend who told her this dating story…I’ve been telling this for years. I’m questioning my whole life now… False alarm. Back rubs are back.” The story in question—Glen told podcast host Jake Shane a wild anecdote from a time his little sister’s friend supposedly got “weird vibes” from a guy on a date. According to Glen, the guy was a cannibal who was trying to eat her skin. That story went viral after the interview went up and the internet got to work, fact checking the claims. Apparently, the story is an urban myth, with fact checking site Snopes saying they got their first email with a similar tale in 2001.