Jennifer Hudson ‘Can Only Hope And Pray’ Aretha Franklin Would Be Proud Of ‘Respect’ Biopic

Jennifer Hudson hopes Aretha Franklin would be proud of her portrayal of the late iconic singer. At the red carpet premiere of her new flick “Respect,” the entertainer explained to Access Hollywood why the upcoming biopic, which follows the rise of Aretha’s career from a child singing in her father’s church’s choir to making a music icon, was a passion project for her. Jennifer also shared her hopes of making the late Queen of Soul proud with the movie, sharing, “I can only hope and pray she would be proud, I think she would. Her family said they think she would be proud … and I think as long as she knows it was all from the heart … and all I wanted to do was meet her requests.” Plus, Jennifer showed off her stunning red carpet look. “Respect” hits theaters Aug. 13.