Lady Gaga Gives Insight Into Her ‘Authentic’ Version Of Harley Quinn In Upcoming ‘Joker’ Sequel

Lady Gaga is taking her fashion to the next level at the “Gaga Chromatica Ball” film premiere by wearing a car part on the red carpet! “I don’t really know how heavy it is, I didn’t weigh it before I wore it but I really love it. It’s super industrial and interesting,” she told Access Hollywood’s Zuri Hall at the event. Speaking of fashion, the Oscar winner revealed if she has a favorite outfit from her tour and shared the one thing that amazed her about the concert. Plus, Gaga talks about her upcoming “Joker: Folie à Deux” and her take on the iconic Harley Quinn. “You know my version of Harley is mine and it’s very authentic to this movie and these characters,” she said. “I’ve never done anything like I’ve done in this movie before, so it’s all going to be completely brand new and really fun.” The “Gaga Chromatica Ball” starts streaming on Max May 25.