Margot Robbie Snuck A Reference To Her Teen Years Into ‘Birds Of Prey’

Margot Robbie infused her own humble beginnings as a teenage actress into the character of Harley Quinn for “Birds of Prey.” “For the first three months [of my acting life], I ate nothing but Froot Loops for breakfast, lunch and dinner, because I wasn’t allowed them as a kid,” Margot told All Access. “And that’s exactly why in this movie, [Cassandra Cain] and Harley eat Froot Loops. Because I was like, ‘I think all she eats is Froot Loops, kind of like I did when I was 17 and I moved out of home and just didn’t cook for myself!” Margot also told Access about co-star Ella Jay Basco’s colorful cursing as Cass, as well as how she made sure the actors’ costumes paid homage to the original comic books.