Sarah Michelle Gellar Says Freddie Prinze Jr. Shows Son ‘Buffy’ Scenes To Prove Girls Can Fight

Not everyone can say their mom is a superhero, but Rocky Prinze sure can! Sarah Michelle Gellar sat down with Access Hollywood for a conversation about what an average day in her family’s life looks like. Sarah shared that one day, when her 7-year-old son said something along the lines of “girls can’t fight,” the actress’ husband whipped out some old fight sequences from her “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” scenes. Her son was so impressed, he didn’t even recognize his own mother! The “Cruel Intentions” actress also said that she and her husband make time for one special activity every single night…washing the dishes, that is! The actress and her husband partnered with Cascade’s Do it Every Night water conservation campaign to challenge people to run their dishwasher every night instead of washing dishes by hand in order to be eco-friendly.