Shawn Johnson Defends 3-Month-Old Daughter’s ‘First Flip’: ‘She Was Perfectly Safe’

Shawn Johnson isn’t here for the mommy shamers! The 28-year-old athlete took to Instagram to share a video of her 3-month-old daughter, Drew Hazel’s, first flip on the beach. “Roo’s first flip!! (she was perfectly safe… so don’t even haha),” the Olympic gymnast wrote alongside the vid. Despite the fact that the proud mama is an expert at flipping, one troll had had some unsolicited advice for Shawn. “While she may have been perfectly safe, sometimes you are a bit rough handling such a young baby,” the commenter said. “And not making her warm enough when you take her out. She needs at least socks if not shoes, as well, and hats.” But Shawn was quick to fire back!