‘Survivor’: Kellee Kim On Jeff Probst’s Apology & Getting To ‘Speak Freely’ About Dan Spilo Incident

During “Survivor’s” 39th season, contestant Kellee Kim raised concerns about alleged inappropriate touching from one of her fellow competitors, Dan Spilo. Kellee was voted off the island, and Dan was later removed from the game following an additional allegation of misconduct. On finale night, Kellee returned to reflect on the situation, and she discussed her choice to do so with Access Hollywood. “I was unsure whether I was going to be able to speak freely at the reunion – and at times, whether the reunion was going to happen at all,” she said. Kellee got an apology from “Survivor” host Jeff Probst, which she said was important to her: “That was the first time that I’d received an apology, so it meant a lot.”