Tom Holland Can See Himself Settling Down Young: ‘The Times I Was In Love’ Are ‘The Happiest Of My Life’

Tom Holland isn’t opposed to meeting the one early! While he and Ciara Bravo chatted with Access Hollywood’s Zuri Hall about their new film “Cherry,” the Marvel star revealed he could see himself falling in love young like his character. “Yeah, of course I would,” he said when asked if he’d ever settle down at this age. “I love romance, and you know, I look back at the times I was in love, and they’re the happiest of my life. And, you know, I’m in no rush – I am 24. But then again, if it happens, it happens,” he added. Tom and Ciara also recalled shooting a funny deleted scene where she slapped him in the back of the head. Plus, the co-stars shared how they’d let loose after days of shooting tense scenes. “Cherry” premieres on Apple TV+ March 12.