Weinstein Accuser Says Jury Makeup In Assault Trial Is ‘Incredibly Disappointing’: ‘It Seems Unfair’

On Jan. 17, Harvey Weinstein arrived at a New York courtroom, where he’s on trial for the alleged assault of two actresses. The recently selected jury is comprised of seven men – six of whom are white – and five women. “It’s incredibly disappointing,” actress and Weinstein accuser Caitlin Dulany told Access Hollywood of the jury makeup. “I’m sure this jury will look at this case fairly,” she added, “but it seems unfair to me, for the survivors, that that’s how the jury pool ended up.” Weinstein has not been charged with assault for his alleged encounter with Dulany, but he did tentatively settle a class-action lawsuit with her and others. He was reportedly not required to admit wrongdoing. The producer has pleaded not guilty in his current trial and denies all claims of non-consensual sex.