‘1,000-Lb. Sisters’: Amy Moves In With Tammy After Deciding To End Things With Michael

 “1,000-Lb. Sisters” had tears, arguments and Amy saying she wants a divorce this episode

Last week viewers were left with a heated argument between Amanda Slaton, Michael Halterman and Amy Slaton after Michael was saying Amy couldn’t go shopping with her family and was withholding her bank card.

This week picked up where things left off, with Amy breaking down on the floor crying and telling Michael she wants a divorce.

‘1,000-Lb. Sisters’: Amy Slaton ‘Proud And Overjoyed’ At Sister Tammy’s Weight Loss (Exclusive)

Tammy Slaton had called the cops amid the chaos, and the police showed up to diffuse the situation. Amy was thankful to have a support system during the tense argument.

After everything that went down, Tammy is letting Amy and her two kids Glenn and Gage stay at her place. Amy is feeling conflicted about her decision to leave Michael, questioning if she’s doing the right thing.

One thing Amy can count on no matter what are her siblings. Later while hanging out with Tammy and Amanda, she said her mind is made up and she’s done with her marriage.

Later on, Tammy and Chris had an appointment with Dr. Smith to see how they are doing in their health journey. Tammy was nervous she might not have lost as much weight as she was told to, but it turns out she lost over 100 pounds!

However, Chris has reached a plateau in his weight loss, which he was disappointed about because he was hoping to lose 50 pounds so that he can get skin removal surgery.

While Tammy is making strides on her health journey, her husband Caleb Willingham is struggling since she left the health facility where he still resides. He met with Dr. Smith and found out he’s gained over 30 pounds since Tammy’s departure.

Later, Tammy spoke with Caleb and he broke the bad news that he had gained weight and that his appointment didn’t go as planned. Tammy is definitely feeling stressed with everything going on with her family.

“1,000-Lb. Sisters” airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC.

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