‘1,000-Lb. Sisters’: Tammy Visits Caleb, Amy Has Court Hearing With Michael

A lot went down on “1,000-Lb. Sisters”!

Things started off with Amy Slaton as she headed to the courthouse for her court date about her divorce from Michael Halterman.

It seems like things didn’t go as planned. Michael was claiming he was a super involved dad, which upset Amy, who claims she was their children, Gage and Glenn’s, primary caregiver. He’s asking for 50/50 custody of their children, which Amy and her family thinks is too much, though she does want him to have some custody of their children.

As for Tammy Slaton, she’s celebrating some major weight loss milestones and now she has babies on the brain. She said that while she’s never really wanted kids, she’s now thinking about the possibility with her husband Caleb Willingham.

Tammy even went to the doctor’s office to see if having children is a possibility for her, and said she’s wondering if she could be pregnant right now due to her cravings for water.

Despite her water cravings, the doctor said it’s not possible for her to be pregnant right now. But Tammy is feeling hopeful for the future.

We also caught up with Caleb, and he seems to not be doing so well health wise. He revealed that he had been in the hospital, which left his wife shocked.

Amy decided to face her fears and return to the house she shared with Michael to get some clothes for her kids.

During the visit, she saw her wedding dress, which caused her to break down in tears.

Later, Tammy returned to visit Caleb in his facility, and they were so happy to see each other.

However, without Tammy, Caleb has admitted he has been backsliding on his diet. He decided to do a weigh-in to see how he’s doing, and he wasn’t super happy about the results, which were that he weighs 524 lbs.

Tammy was also disappointed when she noticed his stash of snacks in his room, and questioned why he’s not taking things more seriously. She says she’s worried about her husband and how he’s dealing with her leaving to go home.

Tammy is hoping that Caleb takes his health more seriously, and he’s vowing he’ll get home to her.

“1,000-Lb. Sisters” airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC.

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