’90 Day Fiancé’: Meet Clayton, Who Lives In A Small Apartment With Many Pets & His Mom In A Closet

In this episode of “90 day Fiancé” things began with Rob and Sophie, who are still dealing with the fallout of her revealing she might not want kids. The pair talked things out.

“It’s not that I don’t want kids. I just want to make sure I have my life together first. I don’t want kids, you know, while I’m still trying to figure stuff out. I mean, I just got to America. So I have a whole life to kind of sort out right now. So, like, taking care of someone else is like the last thing on my mind,” Sophie said.

Sophie had told Rob’s sister about her health concerns around getting pregnant, and she opened up with rob about not being sure if she can get pregnant after some past health scares.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Stars: Darcey Silva, Colt Johnson & More

’90 Day Fiancé’ Stars: Darcey Silva, Colt Johnson & More

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“Obviously when I was 15, I had the cyst, and that was on my ovary, so I had surgery to remove it. I kind of just accepted the fact that, like, I don’t want to be pregnant after that health scare because, like, I could have died,” she said.

Rob seems to be more understanding after hearing her out.

“Now that we’ve talked about it, it sounds like at the end of the day, she would want to be a mom. She just doesn’t want to have children, which I understand that. So if we could explore the other options then, then I feel like me and Sophie could move forward with having a family,” he said.

Later on, Sophie had a video call with her mom, and they talked about whether Sophie really wants kids or not.

“It’s I’ve never really thought about kids kind of type thing. But obviously as you know I am like a massive people pleaser. But like obviously this is my life as well. So it’s like I’m not going to people please for like my future, you know, I don’t want to have children if I’m going to resent the kids,” Sophie said.

Sophie and Rob went out with some friends to a club in la to try to have some fun. But things got awkward when Sophie was getting grilled about her friend she met on a friendship app.

While things seemed ok, there was a shocking moment later in the episode where Sophie moved out of Rob’s apartment after finding some, “disgusting videos” on his phone from other women.

“And then I went on this one app and like basically he’s been getting like disgusting videos from other women and like asking for just like nudes. And, like, the videos are disgusting. And he’s like, entertaining it. And now I was just like, I found the videos. And then I was just like, you need to drop me off. I don’t even want to talk to you. Like, I just left,” she shared.

She was super upset and broke down crying about not knowing what to do now that she’s in this situation.

“I just feel very trapped and very alone. And what he’s done to me, it’s like I’m hurt, but at the same time it’s like I don’t have anywhere to go and I don’t really know what I’m supposed to do. And I just feel very, it’s a very lonely feeling and it’s very difficult to process,” she said.

Last episode, Nikki threatened to leave Justin if things don’t change for them with their intimate life. Their argument continued this episode, and now he’s upset that she brought up the money she sends him.

“I don’t like when the Nikki starts, talks about the money and tried to feel bad me about it. Nikki does a lot in this relationship, but I think I do too,” Justin said.

However, after their heated argument, they ended up kissing and making up.

“The thing with me in a argument with Justin is that I do blow up and I do go from zero to 100. I can go to 1000 if he pushes my buttons enough. Honestly, hormones play a role about being super emotional. I think that any (transgender person) can attest to that, but this has been bottling up for a while. I don’t just get sad or get upset or cry. This has been going on for quite some time,” Nikki said.

Nikki discussed her intimacy issues with her mom on a video call, and her mom questioned if Nikki freaked out on him.

“Honestly, mom I probably did go from zero to 1000. I took a hormone shot before I went on this trip, and I think that’s just making me very emotional.That’s what it does to male-to-female trans out there in this world. And I’m trying to maneuver and through the obstacles, but it’s very hard with a very cold Russian,” she said.

Her mom said maybe she should change how she approaches Justin.

“Nicole, how about if you change the way you behave toward him, like maybe be softer, be a little bit more patient. Find another way to speak to him, not yelling and screaming and and exploding. You have done that to me. He loves you. I could see it. You have to understand his side of it, how he was thinking how they’re going to accept you,” Nikki’s mom said.

We met a new couple this week. Clayton is a man who lives with his guinea pigs, two chihuahuas and has his mom living in his closet, yes you read that right.

“I love my Guinea pigs a lot, but they’re not my only roommates. … I also have two Chihuahuas, Coco and Buster. … My current living situation — I’m living in a one bedroom apartment my mom lives in like a walk in closet attached to the living room so she can save up money to get her own place,” Clayton said.

They’re about to get a new roommate in their one bedroom apartment when Clayton’s love Annalee moves in with them. He’s concerned about how she’ll react to their living situation.

“I’m worried about how Annalee would react if she were to arrive today. My mom has a lot of stuff,” he admitted.

We got to know more about clayton, including that he’s an avid gamer, and he’s never met his online bestie of 13 years who he met in his favorite game.

“You know, when we were younger, I kind of understand because it’s been so long ago, but now we’re both grown adults and able to travel. I think it’s just the fact that given my work schedule and, you know, general habits, I don’t really have too much of a social life,” he said.

While gaming, Clayton revealed that Annalee’s dad doesn’t know about him or their relationship.

“I’ve kind of been holding off on talking to Cameron about Annalee, not telling her dad because it really sucks feeling like you’re being hidden. You know, I’ve had past relationships dealing with that. And, you know, I don’t want to relive that and I don’t want to work up insecurities that I may have overcome. And now that I’m talking about it so much, here they are coming back. And here I am thinking that, oh, maybe Annalee’s not proud of our relationship, You know, maybe she’s not proud to show me off. You know, I don’t know what’s going on,” he said.

Fans also got their weekly Jasmine and Gino fix – the couple are getting used to living with each other, but Jasmine isn’t a fan of Gino’s house. In fact, it’s making her break out in literal hives!

“I do believe that what is causing this is like the house is very dirty,” Jasmine said. “It’s very upsetting Gino cannot see how nasty the house is and that it is causing me to be sick.”

Gino ended up taking her to buy some new sheets, where she got upset about something more personal. She began crying about her son, saying she’s worried she’s going to miss major moments in his life while she’s in the United States.

“I feel bad because you never, you can never take time back and I’m scared. I don’t know if this visa thing is going to take, I don’t know how long,” she said. “I don’t want to cause any trauma on him.”

Devin is in South Korea and is preparing to meet Nick’s family, but she’s nervous about making a good first impression.

“I don’t really speak much Korean and they don’t speak any English. So it’s going to be hard for us to like actually like bond one-on-one,” she said.

“90 Day Fiancé” airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

— Stephanie Swaim

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