’90 Day Fiancé’: Rob Gets Upset At Sophie & Nikki Questions Relationship With Justin

90 Day Fiancé” had lots of tears and arguments this week!

Jasmine is trying to get over her recent argument with Gino after he lied about having a bachelor party. Even though he’s apologized she’s feeling nervous that he might cheat on her.

Jasmine decided that she’s going to give Gino a second chance, but she’s always got an eye on him.

Gino is making it up to her by taking her on a vacation to Miami – and this is a gesture Jasmine is definitely a fan of!

Last episode, Sophie revealed to Rob that she’s bisexual. While he says he doesn’t have a problem with it, he seemed a bit combative in how he reacted to the news.

Rob said he feels like Sophie might grow to resent him in their relationship and he worries she might cheat on him with a woman.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Stars: Darcey Silva, Colt Johnson & More

’90 Day Fiancé’ Stars: Darcey Silva, Colt Johnson & More

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The whole thing led to a very tense moment where Rob told Sophie if she wants to explore her sexuality then he should be able to sleep with someone else too. They continued to argue later on in the car as well as having a tense conversation while looking at rings together.

Sam is preparing for Citra to arrive in the United States, but his family isn’t super excited that he’s converting to a different religion for the relationship.

Sam also revealed he hasn’t been totally honest with Citra about the extent of what happened that led to him getting arrested. But, after so much time apart, they reunited at the airport and were so excited to see each other.

Devin’s dad decided to have a direct conversation with Nick and he called him out for calling her “piggy” as a nickname. Nick said he would try to avoid saying it going forward. But Devin’s dad says he’s going to keep an eye out on him.

Meanwhile, Devin is facing a whole other ordeal. She had ordered a traditional Korean gown for her big day, but the color wasn’t right. Her mom took her to look at wedding dresses as backups in case her other look couldn’t be fixed in time, and it ended with Devin in tears.

Clayton took Anali on a fun date to a farm and then out to eat, but Anali is getting concerned about how her man spends most of his time inside on his computer when she is more of a social butterfly.

Anali is pushing Clayton to meet his online bestie in real life for the first time, and while Clayton seems nervous about it, he agrees to make the trip.

Last episode, Justin revealed that he had hooked up with other women before he was engaged to Nikki. She’s super upset, but he’s not understanding why she’s so hurt by what he did.

Now, Nikki is feeling betrayed by Justin and can’t believe what happened, but he doesn’t feel bad about what he did at all. She is left questioning if there is someone else in the picture.

“90 Day Fiancé” airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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