‘90 Day: The Last Resort’: Jovi & Big Ed Almost Have Physical Fight, Kalani Wants To Divorce Asuelu

90 Day: The Last Resort” had divorce, tears and an almost physical fight this week!

Things started off with Big Ed telling Liz about his night out with the guys at the strip club, and they talked about how Ed called to get her permission.

Ed brought up Asuelu and took his side amid the tensions he’s facing with Kalani, but Ed doesn’t know about Asuelu being unfaithful multiple times. And Liz was having a hard time not revealing what Asuelu had done.

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’90 Day Fiancé’ Stars: Darcey Silva, Colt Johnson & More

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Speaking of Kalani and Asuelu, their relationship has been on the rocks this season, and during the episode in a couples therapy session, Kalani confessed to him that she had seen Dallas the other night and Asuelu was shaken.

“And I went to talk about things, and I really was going to just go and talk and try to figure out my feelings for him and my feelings for the other person. But then we ended up doing other things,” she said.

The reality star ended up letting him know she wants a divorce, and they both broke down in tears.

Asuelu admitted that their relationship coming to an end is all his fault, but he never wanted things to end this way.

“I know everything that’s happened, it’s all my fault. But it’s hard for me to listen to. And I can’t do anything. I can’t change her. This is really hurts and painful divorce? That’s not what I want for my family,” he said.

The two share two sons together, and Kalani emphasized that despite their relationship falling apart she still appreciates their friendship and Asuelu as a father to their kids.

Later on, the former couple met up again after their tearful therapy session, and Kalani emphasized that she wants to move quickly on their divorce.

“I do think that it would be best if we just right away, divorce,” she said. “The sooner we get divorced, the better for the kids. There’s just nothing more that can be done. Like I’ve given up. I just hope that he can deal with everything and move forward with all of us.”

The other couples were spending some time together while Kalani and Asuelu hashed things out. And the strip club has caused tension with more than one couple at the retreat. Angela previously got mad at Michael for answering Jovi’s call while they were out, but things seem to be a bit better now for the pair.

Yara is mad at Jovi for the strip club night out, and Jovi feels bad about upsetting his wife, but he doesn’t think he did anything all that wrong.

The drama didn’t stop there – Ed stirred the pot when he brought up Jovi texting a stripper that he had hooked up with in the past. Jovi didn’t have a good explanation about why he texted her, and it ended with Yara throwing her drink on him!

Ed kept stirring things up when he brought up Jovi’s daughter, and they almost got into a physical fight!

Ed eventually apologized to Yara, but she was more upset at Jovi than anyone else.

After the drama filled ride on the high seas – Jovi quickly exited the boat and wanted to stop the conversation, but Yara confronted him in their hotel room about texting the stripper.

She ended broke down in tears after speaking with him, explaining about how she’s insecure about how she looks and doesn’t know why he would text another girl.

“I’m so f***ing insecure. I have so much insecurities. I just, like, feel was feeling bad about myself, and he bring me, bring all those insecurities back. Because Jovi, I’m really that ugly? Not ugly, just like, do I’m really that bad? I get it, maybe stripper doesn’t complain, I complain all the time. Maybe stripper’s like, I don’t know what they f***ing  do that I cannot do. Like, he just.. Jovi always been telling me that if I will not be looking good he will not be with me, so makes sense,” Yara said.

That wasn’t the only argument between couples, Big Ed and Liz got into it over her involvement in his almost physical altercation with Jovi, and Ed said she shouldn’t have gotten involved because it made him look “weak.”

“It made me look weak. It made me look like I can’t defend myself,” Ed said.

“I’m making you look weak. Are you kidding me? You don’t want me to be there and have your back and protect you. At least I had your f***ing back and didn’t have a problem trying to jump in to protect you,” Liz responded.

Ed replied, “You should not have injected yourself into the situation. I’m sorry.” And in response, Liz stormed off, which caused Ed to jab saying, “There you go! Therapy’s working, babe!”

“90 Day: The Last Resort” airs Mondays at 9pm PT/ET on TLC, MAX,  and discovery+.

— Stephanie Swaim

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