Adam Sandler & Jennifer Aniston Talk Ad-Libbing & Bikini Babes On The Set Of ‘Just Go With It’

Adam Sandler is one of the world’s funniest men, but when it came to ad-libbing on the set of “Just Go With It,” he met his match in the form of Jennifer Aniston.

“I couldn’t believe how quick and funny Jennifer [is],” Adam told Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson on Monday at the junket for the upcoming comedy. “I know she is [funny] in real life, but it was pretty amazing when we were together how much fun [we had] and how she added and ended up beating me in scenes. I’d walk back to the trailer saying, ‘I gotta get some writers to help me.’”

In the film, Jennifer plays a woman named Katherine, who attempts to help Danny, played by Adam, win the woman of his dreams by posing as his wife, and she too said their onscreen movie banter was a blast.

“I loved it,” Jennifer told Shaun. “It was so much fun… We had, as we call it, a nice tennis match.”

In clips for the film, making the rounds in theaters previews and on TV, Katherine cons Danny into buying her designer shoes so she’ll keep the charade up, but Jennifer revealed that some of her character’s outfits didn’t come from a wardrobe department.

“A lot of it was my own,” she laughed. “I’m not kidding!”

“Just Go With It,” due out February 11, also stars Sports Illustrated beauty Brooklyn Decker and Nicole Kidman, and Adam revealed he was a hit with the fairer sex on the set.

“Tell her about how all you ladies were fighting over [me],” Adam told Jennifer.

“We fought over you a lot, but… you’d let us take turns, you were very nice,” she laughed.

“Just Go With It” is supermodel Brooklyn’s feature film debut, but Adam revealed that Jennifer’s body was just as admired on the set.

“It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing. Jennifer works hard, she eats right, you know, she does. She never snacks on the stuff I snack on,” Adam said of the former “Friends” star’s eating discipline.

Jennifer admitted that despite the abundance of bikini-clad ladies in the movie (which was shot in Hawaii), she felt great.

“I just was [feeling] pretty confident and I keep in good shape and you know, I felt pretty all right with everything,” she said.

The co-stars also had praise for Nicole’s figure.

“She’s in ridiculous shape too,” Adam said.

“Have you ever seen a six-pack like that?” Jennifer asked. “I actually had to touch it.”

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