Anger Management’s Noureen DeWulf Talks Working With Charlie Sheen & Burning Love

When Noureen DeWulf landed the role of rage-filled celebutante Lacey on Charlie Sheen’s FX sitcom, “Anger Management,” she was thrilled — and a bit apprehensive.

“I was definitely nervous. I didn’t know how it would be or what I was going to be walking into,” the actress admitted to Access Hollywood in a new interview. “[Charlie had] just had a lot of that, you know, attention on him for all the different things he was saying.

“Despite all that, I was so attracted to working with him in the sitcom format,” she continued. “He’s so amazing with sitcoms!”

The 29-year-old beauty signed on for the FX show, and she’s very glad she did.

As the over-sexed Lacey (in court-mandated therapy with Charlie stemming from shooting her ex-boyfriend “in the balls” after she caught him cheating), Noureen gets to unleash on unsuspecting victims in a way she’d never dare off-screen.

“I think [Lacey] is my favorite character that I’ve played to date because I get to release so much of the stuff inside of me,” she told Access. “It’s fun to really freak out on people and have an excuse to do that.”

The “Anger Management” cast is a tight-knit group, as they shoot two episodes per week, as compared to the one-weekly sitcom standard.

Any fears Noureen had about working with the headline-making Charlie were quickly assuaged.

“He’s very truthful and very real. We have a lot of fun and laugh a lot on set,” she said of the actor. “The crew and the cast are very supportive of each other.”

The actress has also spent time with Charlie outside of work.

“I went on a trip with him actually in December. He was opening up a bar for charity… a bunch of us from our show went,” she said. “I love hanging out with him. I mean, everyone wants to hang out with Charlie Sheen — it’s a good time!”

If you’re watching hilarious “Bachelor” spoof “Burning Love,” you’ll also recognize Noureen as cleavage-blessed fashion buyer Titi — often mispronounced as “T*tty” by bumbling bachelor Mark Orlando (Ken Marino).

Noureen said she’s not surprised by the large fan base “Burning Love” has garnered (it began as a Yahoo! Screen web series before getting picked up for air on E!), as it was one of the most fun filming experiences she’s ever had.

“I couldn’t keep a straight face when we were shooting. So, you know, you just hope that that translates,” she said of the show, which is executive produced by Ben Stiller. “It definitely excites me. I’m grateful that people think it’s funny — I think it’s the funniest thing.”

Catch Noureen and Charlie on “Anger Management” – Thursdays at 9:30 on FX.

— Erin O’Sullivan

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