Austin Butler & Jodie Comer Dish On Training For ‘The Bikeriders’

Austin Butler and Jodie Comer are bringing the heat in “The Bikeriders.”

The film spans the course of a decade and follows a Midwestern motorcycle club that evolves into a sinister gang. As the club turns more dangerous Benny, who is played by Austin, must choose between his loyalty to the club and Kathy, played by Jodie, whom he is in love with.

The role obviously required the actors to ride a motorcycle, which Austin was already familiar with.

“I’d ridden a bit before, but then I trained a lot for this,” he told Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans. “And these bikes are very different because they’re old.”

“They’re not easy,” Jodie added. “I think it looks very effortless when they’re on screen but actually they take a lot of care and control.”

Some of them even have their own quirks. Austin revealed one of the motorcycles on set would need to be on fire to get started up.

“That’s just how this one runs. She’s on fire,” Austin said.

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Even though the motorcycles were a little tricky, Austin did get to do a lot of his own stunts including a high speed over the bridge sequence.

“That was all me and I don’t know how fast we were going there but good speed,” he said.

Needless to say, Jodie didn’t feel like she was missing out on much since her character never drives a motorcycle.

“I was so content,” she said laughing while chatting with Access. “I’m actually quite accident prone, like whenever I try to do any sort of kind of snowmobiling or anything there’s always something that goes a little bit haywire, so I was quite content like sitting on the back, hands around the waist. I was like this is good. For me I was like this is a nice way to take it in.”

But she did feel left out when it came to her wardrobe.

“The leather on the other hand I was a bit bummed that I didn’t have any leather,” she added. “That I was a bit jealous.”
“The Bikeriders” hit theaters June 21.

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