Brad Pitt Has Sweet Reaction To Surprise Video From ‘Great Pottery Throw Down’s’ Keith Brymer Jones

Days after Brad Pitt revealed his love for “The Great Pottery Throw Down,” he got the sweetest shoutout from a star of the show!

At the premiere of “Bullet Train” on Monday, Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans surprised the Oscar winner with an exclusive video message from Keith Brymer Jones, a judge on the beloved British reality series.

“Mr. Pitt, I understand that you’re a big fan of the show,” Keith said in the video clip. “That’s brilliant! That’s really good. I must admit, I had to look you up. Apparently, you’re a keen actor, but– I’m only kidding!”

WATCH: ‘Great Pottery Throw Down’s’ Keith Brymer Jones Offers To Give Brad Pitt Pottery Lessons (EXCLUSIVE)

He then went on to thank Brad for watching the show and for “appreciating me loving the pots.”

“You’re obviously really passionate about your craft as well as my craft, so if you’re ever in the UK, look me up! I’ll give you a pottery lesson,” the ceramic designer added.

Brad smiled as he watched the video, then gushed to Scott over his appreciation for Keith.

“He’s such a beautiful guy. Really beautiful guy,” “The Lost City” actor said, adding the way he supports the “Throw Down” contestants “is really beautiful to watch.”

Brad first revealed his love of the heartwarming TV program during an interview with Irish outlet Joe on his “Bullet Train” press tour.

The movie star shared that he’d seen “every season” and that Keith was “so kind” and “so supportive” in his role as a judge.

“Bullet Train” hits theaters on August 5.

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