Brad Pitt On His ‘Megamind’ Character: ‘He Looks A Bit Like Clooney!’

Brad Pitt may voice superhero Metro Man in Dreamworks’ “Megamind 3-D,” but how does he feel about the somehwat familiar look of his animated character?

When Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson asked the superstar if the muscle-bound Metro Man looked as good as the blond dad of six at Wednesday night’s “Megamind 3-D” premiere in New York City, Brad said the animated superhero actually resembled one of his pals.

“I think he looks a bit like [George] Clooney, which is obviously not as good,” Brad laughed. “So I think that answers the question.”

Brad, who had just arrived from Budapest in time for the “Megamind 3-D” premiere, said he planned to bring some of his children to check out the film.

“We hopped off a plane [a] couple hours ago… Sneaking the boys in, we’ll see what they think about it,” Brad said.

The animated feature, about a villain named Megamind (voiced by Will Ferrell), who is forced to reconsider his role in life and his love of evil following some significant events, is a project Brad was glad to be a part of.

“This is a great one for the kids,” Shaun said.

“Yeah, that’s how we choose our roles now — Will the kids like it? Will they like it when they get a little older? Is it a good location for the family,” Brad said.

Coincidentally, co-star Tina Fey joked that she chooses movies based on the hot men involved in the cast.

“That’s how I choose projects: Are there gonna be super buff guys? And I don’t care if they’re if they’re [in] character suits. Whatever it takes,” Tina laughed.

“Megamind 3-D” hits theaters on Friday.

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