Cameron Diaz: No Botox For Me – Aging Is ‘A Privilege’!

No Botox for Cameron Diaz!

The 41-year-old star says she plans to age naturally and gracefully.

“The word ‘anti-aging’ or ‘reverse aging’ is just, it makes me crazy every time I see it. It really does,” the actress – whose new book, “The Body Book,” is in stores now – told Access Hollywood in a new interview. “There’s no such thing as anti-aging. We’re all aging, period. There’s no stopping that.”

Cameron said she has considered using fillers and/or Botox, but not for anti-aging purposes.

“Sometimes I just want to Botox my entire face because I’m really tired. [With] acting, my face hurts at the end of like a movie, ‘cause I’m like ‘Oh!’ (makes a face), ‘Ah!’ (makes another face),” the animated star said with a laugh. “And I’m just like, please stop it for one second! But then I’m like, no, that would be really weird.”

The actress said women seem to be the harshest critics of each other when it comes to aging.

“I wish that other women would let other women age gracefully. Women take it as something personal that they are getting older. They think that they failed somehow by not staying 25,” she said. “This is crazy to me because my belief is that it’s a privilege to get older – not everybody gets to get older.

“People die like that,” she continued, snapping her fingers. “I lost my dad at 58. He was way too young when he died.”

Cameron said that despite society’s pressure to look young, she’d much rather be 41 than in her 20s again.

“I know that I’m more capable now at 41 than I was at 21 at doing anything,” she said. “I’d rather be, you know, healthier and stronger and more capable than younger, for sure.”

— Erin O’Sullivan

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