Cameron Diaz Sends Personal Note To ‘What Happens In Vegas’ Press

While Ashton Kutcher made the rounds promoting his new comedy, “What Happens In Vegas,” this weekend, his co-star, Cameron Diaz, was absent, as she continues to mourn the loss of her father, Emilio.

And while she was not present at the Los Angeles round of interviews with the press, Cameron did offer journalists a handwritten note explaining her absence.

Written on personalized “Cameron Diaz” stationery, the note began by thanking the press for their support of Cameron’s career.

“First of all I want to thank all of you for your support over the years… so many films… so many weekends discussing films… I was really looking forward to this weekend getting to talk to my friends about a film that I am so proud of,” the actress wrote.

However, due to “the loss of my Father, I have chosen to be with my family this weekend,” she added.

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Emilio Diaz died earlier this month from pneumonia. He was 58.

Instead of sitting in on the junket for the comedy, Cameron said instead she used her film to help lighten her family’s spirits over the weekend.

“This weekend I am screening ‘What Happens in Vegas’ for my family,” she revealed in the note. “It was a unanimous decision that we all needed to share a good laugh. After all that’s why we make films like these. So people can leave behind their worries for a couple of hours – have a good laugh.”

Within the letter, Cameron said it was a blast working with Ashton and the rest of the crew on the Sin City-set comedy.

“It was important for me to convey to all of you how much I love this film. We really did have the best time… most fun and laughs making it… I was fortunate to work with a group of truly gifted individuals that share the common denominator of a generous heart and a wickedly sick sense of humor,” she continued.

In closing, Cameron thanked the press for everything they’ve done one more time.
“I picture all of your smiles and it makes me happy,” she concluded. “Thank you for your continued support. It is much appreciated.”

She signed the letter with a hand-drawn heart above the word “Cameron.”

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