Camila Mendes & Marisa Tomei Think ‘Upgraded’ Is The Perfect Date Night Movie

Camila Mendes and Marisa Tomei have major love for their new film.

The duo, who play Ana and Claire, spoke with Access Hollywood about their new romcom, “Upgraded.”

Camila, who executive produces and stars in the film, shared about why she thinks it’s the perfect date night film.

“It’s the perfect date night film because it’s kind of like, obviously it’s a romcom and it has a certain element of predictability, but I think there’s a lot of nuance to it and I think it’s a movie that like… Obviously our target demographic is women, but I think men will really enjoy this one as well,” Camila said.

Marisa added, “It has the couple’s relationship but it’s also like a date night movie with your girlfriends.”

She also gushed about her former “Riverdale” co-stars and Charles Melton’s breakout year with “May December.”

“It’s amazing. I feel like it’s so great to see… I’m really excited to see where everyone goes after (Riverdale) because I’ve always believed in every single actor on the show. There’s so much talent on our show and the actors are capable of so much more than we’ve been able to see so it’s really beautiful to see. (Charles’) performance in ‘May December’ is so good. And it’s really cool that people are now seeing like, the potential that everybody has,” she said.

“Upgraded” is streaming globally on Prime Video now.

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