Carlos Leon Reveals Strategy For Co-Parenting Daughter Lourdes With Madonna: ‘She’s The Disciplinarian’

Billy Ray Cyrus recently admitted he’s “scared” of people negatively influencing his daughter Miley as she navigates her way through adulthood in the limelight – a concern shared by Carlos Leon, father to Madonna’s eldest child, Lourdes “Lola” Leon.

“I am concerned,” Carlos told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover in an interview on Access Hollywood Live to promote his new film, “Immigration Tango,” on Thursday. “My heart goes out for Billy Ray. His daughter is growing up and she’s going to do things that he’s not going to like when she gets older.

“I have to deal with that as well [with Lourdes] – especially dating,” Carlos continued. “I always say you should always communicate with your teenager. Have a good communication and just keep doing that.”

Carlos tries to stay one step ahead of his fear by broaching difficult (and sometimes uncomfortable!) subjects with his 14-year-old daughter – including drugs, dating and sex.

“I tell [Lourdes] to be careful and who to be careful with,” he told Billy and Kit. “Especially drugs. I think she’s got a good head on her shoulders.

“I’m on top of her as well, you know, a lot of communication,” he added. “We speak a lot.”

While Carlos “speaks” to Lourdes, he revealed that when it comes to discipline, it’s all about Madge.

“[Madonna] is the disciplinarian and I’m the one that listens,” he said. “It works out perfectly. Again, we have this great communication with our daughter. We’re on the same track with her.”

With a music style superstar for a mother, it was no surprise when Lourdes emerged as a fashionista on the rise, blogging about her favorite trends and designing a clothing line, “Material Girl,” with her mom. Moreover, the precocious youngster doesn’t mince words when it comes to her dad’s style missteps.

“She’ll tell me if I’m wearing something a little dorky or if I’m wearing the same clothes over and over, which I tend to do sometimes,” Carlos told Billy and Kit. “I have a uniform you know, T-shirt and jeans, and I kind of tend to wear it over and over. She’ll tell me, ‘Dad, you need to change the shirt!’”

On Lourdes’ latest blog, she announced her New Year’s Resolutions, which included commitments to “get a nose ring” and dye her hair “blue at some point” – but Daddy Leon was quick to nix the piercing plan.

“No nose ring,” Carlos laughed. “Blue hair? I’ll think about it. It’s really up to her mom.

“I’m sure she’ll look cute with blue hair,” he added. “But the nose ring? She can wait till she’s 18 or 19.”

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