Celine Dion: Pregnancy With Twins Is ‘Physically & Emotionally Exhausting’

Celine Dion and husband/manager Rene Angelil announced over the weekend that they are expecting twins, but the 42-year-old mom-to-be says being pregnant is taking its toll on her.

“I feel like I’ve been pregnant more than a year,” Celine told the French-language newspaper Le Journal de Montreal on Monday. “I never gave up. But I can tell you that it was physically and emotionally exhausting.”

The singing sensation has had her husband behind her every step of the way while she underwent IVF treatments in order to concieve.

“Everyone knows that Celine has guts and is determined,” Rene told the paper. “These treatments were truly hard on my wife’s body. It wasn’t simple at all.”

Celine said she had her doctors perform weekly sonograms to ease her mind.

“My doctors had to constantly reassure me. I [wanted] to see the babies,” she explained. “Each week I had sonograms. I heard their heartbeats.”

The singer, who is known for her grueling tour schedule and outlandish stage shows, is allowing herself some serious downtime now that she’s pregnant.

“It’s stressful but I’m relaxing. I look at my little belly. I do almost nothing,” she said. “If you tell me I have to stay in bed, I will stay in bed until November, when the babies are born. To bring them into the world, there’s nothing more important than that. It’s incredible…We will have a beautiful family nest full of love.”

According to Celine, being a successful mom is worth more than any other success in her life.

“There are no accomplishments bigger than [being a mom]. The trophies and the money, that doesn’t give meaning to life and that doesn’t give you true happiness,” Celine said. “A baby – yes.”

Last December, the singer, who is currently 14 weeks along, about her struggles to conceive.

“We were [pregnant],” she said of August 2009 reports that she was expecting once again. “About four [or] five days after, they found out that it was not staying.”

Celine and Rene welcomed their first son, Rene-Charles, in 2001.

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