Chelsea Handler Reveals Her First Celebrity Crush (EXCLUSIVE)

Chelsea Handler is getting candid about her dating life!

The comedian took a spin with Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans on Golf Cart Confessions and talked about her love life, past and present.

“Who was your first celebrity crush?” Scott asked Chelsea.

“I mean Tom Cruise probably, when I was a little girl,” she said.

“Worst first date location,” Scott said. “Coffee,” she responded adding, “I find that to be a very annoying first date. I don’t like coffee and I don’t like coffee places and I don’t want to sit there. I want to have a drink on a first date.”

Although the comedian won’t be going on any coffee dates soon, she is open to meeting people on dating apps!

“I’m on Raya!” she shared. “In terms of dating someone, yeah I’ve dated guys on Raya. Have I fallen in love with anyone (on there)? No, but what I will say about Raya is it yields better results than a lot of other dating sites.”

“I like when I go to London, set something up for there, go to New York, set a little thing up for there. Raya is perfect for that,” she added.

Chelsea Handler: On & Off The Small Screen

Chelsea Handler: On & Off The Small Screen

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While the “Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea” author is living her life and enjoying the dating app scene, she admits love is her end goal.

“I’m not looking for a companion, If I’m gonna be a companion with someone, I better be in love with them,” she said. “And yes, the goal is to find love and be in love. Who doesn’t love that feeling?”

While taking a ride through the Universal Studios backlot, Chelsea and Scott stumbled upon her old “Chelsea Lately” studio. The book author hosted the late-night talk show on E! from 2007 to 2014.

“What does that feel like?” Scott asked.

“It feels like nothing, it’s so weird,” she said. “It feels like driving by an ex-boyfriend who I can barely remember. It’s just in the past.”

Even though Chelsea has moved on from her late-night talk show days, it turns out the comedian is open to going back to hosting a similar gig.

“I mean I loved it. I loved doing it,” she said. “I will do it if the right opportunity presents itself, I would love to do that again.”

For now, fans can catch Chelsea on the road in her “Little Big Bitch” comedy tour.

“The tour that I’m on is called ‘Little Big Bitch’ tour because I talk about how I became this person because I was born this way. I didn’t develop this personality, it just came out,” she said. “When I was three, I was already talking like this, so it was very scary for my parents.”

Throughout her career, Chelsea has been known for keeping it real with fans, but have there ever been stories she has decided to keep out of her show?

“You know, I thought about it and you know me, I’m not very shy, I like to front load and there are a couple of stories that involve very well-known people that I was like I’m not going to tell them,” she said. “No, I’ve decided to tell the stories and use their names and out those people.”

Chelsea announced on June 6 that she will be doing additional shows in Boston, Chicago, LA, and Portland that are on sale on June 9. Tickets for all her “Little Big Bitch” tour stops can be purchased at

-Emely Navarro

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