Chelsea Handler Takes Aim At Angelina Jolie

Chelsea Handler has taken aim at Angelina Jolie.

On Tuesday night’s “Chelsea Lately” — the funny lady’s E! late night talk show — she called the “Salt” star “evil,” just moments before she welcomed guest and good friend Jennifer Aniston on to the program.

During Chelsea’s show opening banter, before she invited Jennifer out for an interview, Chelsea picked up the latest issue of Us Weekly – the magazine’s August 30 issue — and read quotes, reportedly from Angelina to the mag, in a mocking fashion.

“Angelina… it talks about how she’s so fun with her kids – all 18 of them,” Chelsea said of the article, throwing in a joke.

Chelsea went on to quote Angelina’s reported comments in the mag, especially those sentences where the Oscar winner told Us Weekly about playing a joke on her eldest son, Maddox.

“Exhibit A, she recently punked Maddox on the set of ‘Salt,’” Chelsea said, quoting Us Weekly’s words, before voicing Angelina’s reported comments to the magazine: “‘He’s fascinated by the military, so I put on a NATO uniform and said, ‘Someone tell Mad there’s an officer here who wants to say hi.’”

After reading Angelina’s reported remarks, Chelsea had a few things of her own to say.

“What a fun mom! You are so fun kitty cat. You go girl!” she commented, before adding, “You’re evil and everyone knows it. Thank you for being here. We’re going to be right back with Jennifer Aniston.”

Was it a coincidence that Jennifer was the next guest?

During Chelsea’s interview segment with Jennifer, the two friends tackled some of Jennifer’s tabloid headlines, including ones in the last year suggesting Jen was pregnant.

“I think the best was ‘Yes, comma, I Am Having A Baby.’” Jen laughed.

Following her “Chelsea Lately” appearance, the actress headed to New York City, where she promoted “The Switch” on “GMA,” but also took on Bill O’Reilly again, the FOX News host who slammed her previous comments about women now being able to choose to have babies without fathers. He previously said that her remarks sent the wrong message to pre-teen girls.

“It was just such an unfair statement that he made against me, and you know, people say things about me all the time and you go, ‘Oh, whatever,’” Jennifer told “GMA’s” George Stephanopoulous. “But this was not just about me, it was also insulting women that are out there doing this on their own. I was raised by a… my mother was single, you know.”

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