Cher Gets Candid About Festive New Album ‘Christmas’

Cher is ringing in the holiday season with a festive new album!

The iconic singer spoke with Access Hollywood’s Kit Hoover in a candid conversation about her new album, “Christmas” and shared why now was the right time for her to release holiday music.

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“I just didn’t want to do a Christmas album because I couldn’t find myself in one in my mind. It’s like I just couldn’t think of ‘Silent Night’ or ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’ or any of that stuff. I couldn’t find myself there. So I never did one. And then this year, record company asked me to do it and I didn’t say no right away, which is like it’s just, before it was just like no. And so I started, had one song, Sara wrote, it I’ve known Sara Hudson, since she was three or four,” she revealed. “And we heard it, and I did it and this was the first time I had been singing since before Covid.”

The Grammy winner’s boyfriend Alexander Edwards is a producer on the album, and she opened up about working with him on it.

“Well, you know, it was I have to tell you, I was I was brave, because you – I kept thinking ‘Oh, do I really want to do this? Do I really want to put my relationship in jeopardy?’ Because I don’t care how you try to patch it. If somebody does something for you and you don’t like it, it’s bound to do some sort of, little bit of damage. But I really believed in him. You know, I just believed in him and he’s produced a lot of big people and written a lot of hit songs. And then Tyga was just, it was a surprise. Except Alexander can’t keep a surprise. So right before he said ‘Okay, T’s on it. T’s on it’. And I was like, ‘Oh my god T’s on it.’ And I thought, you know, maybe Alexander had twisted T’s arm. But he – no, he said, w hen he heard it, he thought ‘that’s cool. I want to be on it.’ And so it was it’s a real surprise and comes at a perfect time,” she shared.

The 77-year-old also opened up about what it was about Alexander that won her over.

“First of all, he’s really smart and he’s really funny,” she gushed. “I also loved the way he looks. That’s kind of how we were – it was Fashion Week. So we just had an anniversary, so Fashion Week, and he was sitting there kind of on a ledge and my friend Nebi was hitting me. Go ask him about his teeth. … He’s got diamonds in his teeth, but not a grill he’s got ‘em in there. It’s- he’s committed. So she’s pushing me and pushing me. I said, Nebi so finally I went. ‘So that’s a really cool grill’ and he said, ‘No they’re my teeth.’ And I was like, ‘Okay.’ So I’m looking at his white hair, his tattoos and his teeth and I’m thinking, ‘What an interesting man.’ And then that was it.”

She also said she was initially hesitant about dating the 37-year-old due to being concerned about what his fans would think, but in the end, love won out.

“I just said to him- this is just I don’t know, like he- he was on the edge and I went ‘You know, if you think that you’re going to go to a place, we’re not going to go there and your people wouldn’t like it.’ You know, your fans would think, ‘What are you doing?’ And my friends are used to whatever I do so but I said it’s just not going to work the age difference is just just too disastrous,” she said. “Well, my friends weren’t gonna think anything. my friends were gonna think ‘Oh, she’s crazy,’ but I’m used to that but and I didn’t know what I thought but he was so bright and very empathetic. I mean, he was things that you’d want someone to be and didn’t like, you know, he didn’t look like that was what was going to happen. So we just you know, I had gone to visit Tina (Turner), but then I was staying there so I couldn’t kind of I wasn’t movable. I wasn’t coming back to LA. And we just started it and I don’t know it seemed to work. We’re still together,”

Cher also revealed their nicknames for each other, saying he calls her “baby.” She also gushed about a diamond ring that Alexander have her for Christmas, but she set the record straight on if the ring means anything more.

“No, it’s actually I wanted to wear it on this finger because he said to me, ‘You’re the right girl. It’s the right ring for the right finger,’” she said.

“Christmas” is out now.

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