Daughter Of Deputy Sheriff Who Responded To Uvalde School Shooting Was Among One Of The Dead

The daughter of a deputy sheriff was one of the 21 people killed in Tuesday’s shooting at the Uvalde, Texas, elementary school.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott told reporters on Wednesday that one of the law enforcement officers who responded to the massacre that claimed the lives of two teachers and their students had a daughter who died on Tuesday.

“One deputy sheriff lost a daughter in that school,” Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott told reporters. At the time, the governor did not share the name of the deputy sheriff or the official’s daughter, however CNN later identified her as Alexandria “Lexi” Aniyah Rubio, citing the girl’s parents.

Her father, Felix Rubio of the Uvalde County Sheriff’s Office, told CNN that he was among the law enforcement officers who responded to the shooting. “All I can hope is that she’s just not a number,” he said, according to CNN. “This is enough. No one else needs to go through this. We never needed to go through this, but we are.”

The parents had just left the school earlier in the afternoon after attending an honor roll ceremony for their daughter. Lexi was a star student and also enjoyed playing softball.

Lexi’s mother wrote on Facebook, “My beautiful, smart, Alexandria Aniyah Rubio was recognized today for All-A honor roll. She also received the good citizen award. We told her we loved her and would pick her up after school. We had no idea this was goodbye.”

During the interview, CNN’s Jason Carroll shared that Lexi’s mother kept saying that she wished she had not left her daughter at school the rest of the day. Just thirty minutes after the parents left, the gunman opened fire.

On her Facebook page, Lexi’s mother shared touching sentiments alongside photos of her daughter. She wrote, “If he could have seen what I see, he wouldn’t have hurt my baby. No one would have. I wish everyone could see her as I do.”

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