David Beckham Beams Over Seeing ‘Beckham’ For The First Time With His Family At London Premiere

David Beckham is feeling the love.

The soccer icon, 48, spoke with Access Hollywood at the London premiere of his new Netflix documentary “Beckham” on Oct. 3, where his pal Anna Wintour stopped by unexpectedly on the red carpet!

The Vogue legend crashed David’s interview to not only introduce him to her nephew but also share with Access what makes the retired athlete such a style icon.

“He’s a really good person,” she smiled, noting that David looks “perfect, always.”

David also reflected on the making of “Beckham” and what the biggest challenge was when looking back at his legendary life and career.

“I never really thought about ’98 and everything that happened to me in ’98,” he said of his breakout year. “I kind of just moved on very quick. You know even though there was a lot of stuff going on around me, I was protected by Manchester United, by my teammates, by the Manchester United fans, so going over ’98 and seeing some of the footage and seeing some of the archive from that was really tough.”

With the project now complete, David shared how excited he was to see the film in full for the first time with his family at his side.

“We’ve seen little bits but I wanted tonight to be the first time we all sat there and all watched it. You know I’ve seen a couple of the edits but I trusted the team. I really trusted Netflix,” he said, adding, “So tonight I really wanted tonight to really be the first time I sat down and watched it fully graded, watched all the music all put in there.”

The dad of four went on to reminisce about his early days dating wife Victoria Beckham and how they kept their relationship away from the public eye at first.

“We just found a way of keeping it quiet. We met in car parks, I drove down to London to see her on a day off. We sneaked round the back of the Beefeater car parks and sat with each other for hours,” he said.

Though David and Victoria’s then-budding romance stayed the radar, it’s not quite the same for another superstar athlete and pop star these days! David sent well wishes to Taylor Swift amid her rumored romance with NFL star Travis Kelce and noted how popular she is in his household.

“As long as she’s happy, that’s the most important thing. You know, Taylor’s such a talented person – my daughter’s a huge fan, my sons are huge fans, I think we’re all huge fans – but the most important thing is that she’s happy. And if she’s happy, whatever she’s doing, that’s the most important thing,” he said. “Beckham” drops Oct. 4 only on Netflix.

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