Demi Moore: Obsessing Over Body Image Will Never Reward Us

Demi Moore says she’s finally able to leave her body obsession behind – as well as her desire for material items.

Access Hollywood caught up with Demi on Thursday night at the “The Joneses” premiere in LA, where she further explained recent comments she made to UK Elle about her “extreme obsession” with her body, saying, “[I] spent a good portion of my early career feeling this attachment to my external really being a measure of my value.”

“There isn’t a car, there isn’t a house, there isn’t a job that is ever ultimately going to be enough,” she told Access. “And that’s kind of like chasing a tail and when [you] really step back – and in the same way with my body – I realized that you really need to come from the inside out and really let go.”

The 47-year-old actress said her fixation on image never amounted to much.

“The obsessing of it is never going to reap us the rewards we’re looking for,” Demi told Access.

On Friday at the movie’s junket, Demi elaborated on her past body image issues, saying, “I used to be extremely obsessive about it, weighing and measuring my food, exercising like a maniac.”

As previously reported on, Demi – who already has three kids with ex Bruce Willis –said she and husband Ashton Kutcher have considered having a baby together.

“We talk about it and its something that we would like,” she told UK ELLE in its May issue. “He’s an amazing father to my daughters already, so I have no doubt that if it’s in our future, it would be another incredible part of our journey together.”

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