Did ‘Access Live’s’ Kit Hoover Just Play Matchmaker For Venus Williams and Rashad Jennings?

Did ‘Access Live’s’ Kit Hoover Just Play Matchmaker For Venus Williams and Rashad Jennings?

“Access Live’s” Kit Hoover could have a new role as a matchmaker!

Kit was talking with guest co-host Rashad Jennings, guest co-host Howie Mandel and “The Bachelorette” guest correspondent Dean Unglert on Tuesday’s show when they got to talking about whether or not Rashad would make a good candidate as “The Bachelor.”

Rashad revealed he’s a one lady kinda guy and wouldn’t want to have to kiss dozens of women so he likely wouldn’t join the show. 

“I couldn’t do it, I really couldn’t because I would change the show,” Rashad said. “Honestly I wouldn’t give the audience what they would want to see. I could not be kissing 30 different girls at the same time.”

But he didn’t judge the people who do participate in the show. 

“They’re having fun,” he told Kit, Howie and Dean. “They’re having good fun, but at the end of the day, I believe personally – and it’s just my personal convictions – I don’t care if we’re talking about proposals, big weddings. I don’t care if it’s an extravagant wedding that cost millions of dollars, I don’t care if it’s one knee and a $50 ring, the proposal means nothing if it’s not built on something solid. I don’t think I’m going to have enough time to build that and what I want.”

As it turned out, Venus Williams, who was set to do an interview on “Access Live” was listening into their discussion. When she joined the show via satellite for her interview, she couldn’t help but dish about how great of a job she thought Rashad was doing. 

When Kit asked whether Venus thought Rashad should join “The Bachelor,” the tennis champ was quick to respond. 

“It sounds like he doesn’t want to, but it sounds like if he did it would be so entertaining. I would definitely tune in. But honestly, he is really good in that seat. I was enjoying every moment.”

Throughout their interview on “Access,” Venus and Rashad couldn’t help but exchange compliments. 

At the end of their interview, Kit joked, “Maybe we want to exchange some [phone numbers]…two single people? Did you feel something, Howie? Venus, I don’t know if you felt it, but I felt it! I felt some heat!” 

Rashad laughed at Kit and shot back, “I’m catching what you’re serving.”

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