Dylan Sprouse Shares How Virginia Gardner Helped Him Pick His Butt Double For Their Film ‘Beautiful Wedding’

While filming his new movie “Beautiful Wedding,” Dylan Sprouse had a brand-new experience as an actor: picking out his butt double for a not-so-covered-up scene!

“They were like, ‘Here’s a list of butts you can choose if you’re interested. And I was like, ‘Dude, I don’t know what to choose! I don’t know which butt is good as a butt!'” he recalled to Access Hollywood of the hilarious behind-the-scenes moment.

When he wasn’t sure who to pick, he turned to his co-star and real-life friend Virginia Gardner.

“Ginny actually helped. I was like, ‘Ginny, what’s a butt that a chick would like to see on camera?’ And she chose that butt, and honestly, it was a good butt,” he said.

In “Beautiful Wedding,” Dylan and Virginia reprise their roles as Travis and Abby from “Beautiful Disaster.” The sequel follows the newlyweds as they accidentally get married during a wild night in Las Vegas and rush off to Mexico.

The movie was filmed in the Dominican Republic, and Dylan got to shoot a memorable fight scene right by the water.

“The beach fight scene to me was really fun. That was a big day, and we had about 10 people I had to fight in the scene. It’s the closest I get to choreographed dancing. I’m not a dancer whatsoever, but I do find this very fun, so that was my favorite one to shoot.”

“Beautiful Wedding” is available on digital and on demand on Feb. 13.