Embrace Your Dark Side For Halloween With Disney Villain Themed Makeup

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They may be evil, but there is no denying it – the villains from your favorite Disney movies are absolutely iconic. And while they may have been trying to bring about chaos and destruction, they sure looked amazing doing it.

So before you consult your mirror on the wall, take a look at Bésame’s new Disney Villain themed makeup collection. Carefully researched and designed, each product uses the best ingredients and was inspired by the animation from whichever film it corresponds to.

With luscious reds, deep blacks, and captivating glitter, this collection is sure to turn your Halloween look into the most confident version of yourself. Because after all, there’s nothing wrong with embracing your dark side every once in awhile.

And with the collection available just in time for Halloween, now is the perfect time to indulge. Check out the collection below, and cement your place as the fairest one of all.

The Queen Shadow Book

by Bésame Cosmetics$115.00

Ursula Metal Compact

by Bésame Cosmetics$225.00

The Queen Lipstick

by Bésame Cosmetics$30.00

The Queen Nail Polish

by Bésame Cosmetics$20.00

Ursula Nail Polish

by Bésame Cosmetics$20.00

Yzma Nail Polish

by Bésame Cosmetics$25.000

Ursula Lipstick

by Bésame Cosmetics$30.00

Maleficent Nail Polish

by Bésame Cosmetics$20.00

Maleficent Lipstick

by Bésame Cosmetics$30.00

Bésame Cosmetics

by Maleficent’s Ring$129.00

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