Emma Roberts & Poppy Liu Dish On Hilarious New Comedy ‘Space Cadet’

Emma Roberts and Poppy Liu are bringing the laughs in “Space Cadet”!

In the film, Emma plays Rex, a party girl who ends up training at NASA. She says she liked how it reminded her of “Legally Blonde.”

“I read the script and immediately fell in love with it. I mean just from the title, ‘Space Cadet,’ I was like, oh no, I’m gonna love this. I just knew it. I mean I saw ‘Legally Blonde’ in theaters five times, not to mention had it on DVD, like Blu Ray, everything, still watch it once a year. So this kinda reminded me of that and I was just so excited to get to bring it to life,” Emma said.

Poppy also gushed about working with Emma on the project.

“We’re all a fan of Emma! If you have a cell phone, if you ever turn on a TV, if you have media of any sort, there is at least one Emma Roberts project that speaks to your soul. I think the best part was just then in person, she’s just like the nicest, sweetest (person),” Poppy gushed.

Emma also looked back on some of her past projects, including her hit 2006 movie, “Aquamarine,” revealing she wants a sequel to happen.

“What has made me so happy is that ‘Aquamarine’ has had this other life on TikTok. So people have started like, it’s been no pun intended, resurfacing. People have been coming up to me in a way that I’m like, ‘Do we need to make ‘Aquamarine 2’?’ Because it’s just so funny that I did that movie 18 years ago! Like that’s crazy,” she said. “The TikTok resurgence has been so hilarious.”

She also added playfully about a potential sequel, “I’ve sent a few emails. We’ll see!”

“Space Cadet” premieres globally on Prime Video July 4, 2024.

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