French Montana Hospitalized For Cardiac Issues After Police Respond To Robbery False Alarm (Reports)

Rapper French Montana was rushed to the hospital following a strange series of events at his Los Angeles home, according to a report from TMZ. In fact, it was a police officer who called for medical assistance after investigating a false report of a robber at the rapper’s home, the report continues.

Sheriff’s deputies were reportedly called to the 35-year-old’s home to investigate an alleged robbery. While they were investigating, deputies reportedly noticed the rapper was acting erratically and he complained of an upset stomach, nausea and an elevated heart rate.

French was taken to a San Fernando Valley hospital by an ambulance after deputies called for emergency assistance, TMZ reported.

Fortunately, it seems like the rapper is on the mend! The “Unforgettable” singer is apparently awake and alert as he receives IV treatment, and reports say the rapper will be released as soon as this afternoon.

Wishing you a speedy recovery, French!

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