Gabrielle Union Raves About Working With Octavia Spencer On ‘Truth Be Told’ Season 3

Gabrielle Union is a big fan of Octavia Spencer.

The duo spoke with Access Hollywood’s Zuri Hall ahead of Season 3 of the Apple TV+’s “Truth Be Told,” and Gabrielle raved about working with her friend Octavia.

“Knowing that I would be working with Octavia, covering this sort of subject matter and doing it with love and respect and in safety, and I knew that I would be taken care of, my peace would be a priority. No one other than Octavia is gonna give that to me and so graciously share space,” she said.

The 50-year-old also opened about how she is a sexual assault survivor, and how filming the show was like for her. While filming Season 3 of the series, which follows Octavia Spencer’s Poppy, who is frustrated by the lack of media attention for several young missing Black girls, teaming with Gabrielle’s character to keep the victims’ names in the public eye, while chasing down leads to a suspected sex trafficking ring that may have ensnared them.

WATCH: Gabrielle Union & Octavia Spencer Open Up About Why ‘Truth Be Told’ Season 3 Is Important For Women

Gabrielle shared with Access about how for her some of the subject matter is “very much a lived experience” for her.

“Some of this is very much a lived experience. I am a sexual assault survivor. And the fact that I was a Black teen who experienced sexual violence in the Bay Area which is exactly what we’re covering here. But throughout the course of this I’ve realized A – the tricks your brain can play on you to keep you safe, sane. And this year was the 30 year anniversary of my rape. And throughout the five months of filming it was like my brain decided to reveal all of the details. And I knew that had I gotten all of this information at 19, I wouldn’t be here. A child cannot fathom the enormity of the abuse and trauma. And that happened once. When you are sexually trafficked, that reality is daily, multiple times a day, every day. And there’s no end in sight. And not only are you experiencing it, your family, your community, this global community. It is a blight. It is dark and scary to even think about, fictionally,” she said.

“Truth Be Told’s” ten-episode third season will premiere globally with on Friday, Jan. 20 with new episodes premiering weekly on Friday thereafter through March 24, on Apple TV+.

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