Get That Perfect Summer Glow Even During The Holidays With This Celeb-Loved Self-Tanner

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There is nothing better than that quintessential summer glow! And now, you can achieve that fresh-from-vacation tan all year round – and without sitting in the sun!

If you’re hoping to maintain a sun-kissed complexion during the holidays while avoiding too many harmful rays, look no further than Isabel Alysa and her tanning studio, Dolce Glow. A go-to tanning artist, Alysa first developed a passion for spray tanning at 17 years old and has since perfected her process and the products she uses on her famous clientele.

Alysa has totally mastered a flawless self-tan, and now you can have the same look at home!

Thankfully you don’t need to live in a sunny climate to get that signature Dolce Glow! Alysa has used her years of experience and extensive knowledge to create a line of at-home tanning products that will give you an effortless tan no matter the season.

From mousses to face mists, Alysa’s line has everything you need to minimize mistakes and get the tan that is perfect for you – and no UV exposure!

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