‘Grimm’ Stars Talk Monroe’s Uncle’s Visit, Grimm Gala

Rick Overton as Felix Dietrich on "Grimm"

A new visitor is coming to Portland on Friday night’s “Grimm” on NBC – Monroe’s Uncle Felix.

“We’re going to meet Monroe’s uncle from the homeland in Bavaria and we have a wonderful actor [playing him],” David Giuntoli, who plays detective Nick Burkhardt, told AccessHollywood.com at the Grimm Gala last weekend in Portland. “It’s very Monroe-ian. You can tell [there are] some genetics going on there and we find via this uncle some new Grimm-robilia.”

Silas Weir Mitchell said “Groundhog Day” alum Rick Overton, who plays the character, will make an impression in the new episode, which is called “Map of The Seven Knights.”

“Rick Overton – that guy is a force of nature. He’s brilliant. He’s perfect casting and he’s a joy to be around and it’s a cool story line,” Silas told reporters over breakfast last week.

“I always talk about my relatives in the old country, but when you see the casting of [this character] and you realize who it’s going to be, you say to yourself, ‘Well, this is irresistible,'” Silas said, noting that Rick brings a real “Monroe-vian quality” the part. “We share a kind of like mania. He’s brilliant and just a lovely human being.”

Rick Overton as Felix Dietrich in NBC’s ‘Grimm’
Rick Overton as Felix Dietrich in NBC’s ‘Grimm’ (NBC)

Bree Turner, who plays Rosalee Calvert, promised a memorable woge scene.

“I think [it’s] one of the best woges we’ve had,” she said.

“He’s so invested in the thing and he’s sort of childlike and it’s so beautiful, and yeah, when he woged when the Grimm came in, in my living room, it was f***ing epic,” Silas added, teasing an upcoming scene.

Sasha Roiz’s Captain Sean Renard’s political story line continues too, and it will see Renard increasing his participation in the campaign of mayoral candidate Andrew.

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“Renard’s going to be more involved in the political campaign. Don’t be fooled. It’s not quite as copacetic as you think it is. It’s going to get very nasty and very dangerous quickly,” he told us on the red carpet at the Grimm gala.

Last Saturday night, Sasha was joined by his “Grimm” co-stars at the Grimm Gala, presented by Comcast and NBCUniversal, an event that raised $386,000 for Portland’s OSHU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. The event raised funds to help provide support for patients and their families for travel expenses, lodging and other services.

“The endowment is a year old now so it’s finally matured and it’s now able to help families,” Sasha told Access. “It’s a very personal sort of charity because it’s not helping an organization, it’s helping individuals and these families who desperately need it, so we’re very proud of that.”

“Grimm” airs Friday at 9/8c on NBC.

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— by Jolie Lash

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