Gucci Sparks Outrage For Selling Culturally-Insensitive ‘Indy Full Turban’

Gucci has come under fire again for cultural insensitivity.

The Italian fashion house reignited controversy with its “Indy Full Turban,” which first debuted during Milan Fashion Week in February 2018. Gucci received backlash at the time for appropriating the traditional Sikh headwear and selling it as a fashion accessory for profit.

The issue resurfaced this week after customers spotted the sold-out item, which retailed for $790, on Nordstrom’s website described as a “gorgeously crafted turban” that “is ready to turn heads while keeping you in comfort as well as trademark style.”

“The turban is not just a fashion accessory to monetize, but a religious article of faith that millions of Sikhs around the world view as sacred,” the Sikh Coalition, an advocacy organization, said in a statement to NBC News.

Twitter users echoed the same sentiments when they also called out Gucci for the offensive headwear.

This isn’t the first time the luxury brand has sparked backlash. In February, Gucci pulled its $890 balaclava turtleneck sweater from stores amid criticism of resembling blackface.

“We consider diversity to be a fundamental value to be fully upheld, respected and at the forefront of every decision we make,” the company said in a statement at the time. “We are fully committed to increasing diversity throughout our organization and turning this incident into a powerful learning moment for the Gucci team and beyond.”

— by Gabi Duncan

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