Hannah Hart Has Some Seriously Savory Snacks Up Her Sleeve!

Do you love celebrating holidays and the food that comes with them? Do you often get bored by reading the same recipes every year? If yes, you are going to love Hannah Hart’s new book ‘My Drunk Kitchen Holidays!’ Hannah joins Access to share a few of her fun recipes from the book.

Hannah, a veteran Youtuber who has dabbled in everything from podcasts to a miniseries on the Food Network, is now entering the world of cookbooks, and her directions are hilarious. Since Halloween is right around the corner, the internet star shared her ‘Smoking Spicy Potion’ recipe. The first ingredient required is “something dark, tart, and mysterious—just like you.” Yes, you!

The recipe turns out a magical-looking margarita with the help of some dry ice—and according to Hannah, “most ‘magic’ is just dry ice anyway.” But warning–Do not put dry ice directly in individual glasses as it is not edible.



-Something dark, tart, and mysterious—just like you

-Tequila (mezcal is the hip new thing, babyyyy)

-Citrus (probz a lime, let’s be real)

-Ice Some sort of herby simple syrup (“herb” is the word)

-Dry ice (most “magic” is just dry ice anyway)


  1. Make a margarita! This means taking ice, tequila, citrus, and sweet and mixing them all together. Don’t blend this kind, though, because . . .
  2. You’ll need to add something dark and tart, like a tart cherry or a hibiscus. That gives it that rich purple color that just screams “I put effort into this!” If you blend it you’re going to diffuse your colors, so just serve it over rocks.
  3. Then make a “smoky” margarita bar so people can add their own smoky elements. Maybe smoky means like chili, maybe it means something more cinnamony, maybe it means a smoked-salt rim. Any of the above! Think of a Bloody Mary bar, but make it spookier and more margarita compatible.
  4. Bask in the compliments of your friends and family! Stay classy, though. Don’t gloat. (In front of them.)

If you’re looking for something less alcoholic and more filling, try Hannah’s ‘Sweet and Savory Cupcakes’! But this cupcake isn’t for those aiming to satisfy their sweet tooth. A cream cheese and blue cheese frosting tops a cornbread base, and Hannah advises her readers to adorn the cupcakes with “a tiny sign warning your guests that this is more of an appetizer and less of a dessert.”



-Box of cupcake mix / box of cornbread mix

-Store-bought frosting / blue cheese + cream cheese


Sweet Cupcakes

  1. Make a cupcake. Put frosting on top. This isn’t the interesting part to me. This next part is!

Savory Cupcakes

  1. Make a cornbread mix. Bake like a cupcake. It’s that simple!
  2. Then make a blue cheese frosting, which involves the following:
  3. Combine blue cheese with cream cheese— blend together and taste often. Maybe even using a cracker. It’s just that good.
  4. Taste and season with salt and peps
  5. Put it in a piping bag and pipe onto cornbread cupcakes. Make sure you’re piping it onto the right batch! This will not taste good over a sweet cupcake.
  6. Adorn with blue cheese crumbles or maybe just a tiny sign warning your guests that this is more of an appetizer and less of a dessert. I find that people like a little heads-up when it comes to the foods they are eating.

Finally, Hannah shares her recipe for Candied Apples—which includes “a leeeeetle bit of corn syrup,” “hella sugar,” and “branches from neighbors who are cool with you grabbing some branches.” Maybe check in with them beforehand.




-A leeeeeetle bit of corn syrup (sorry)

-Hella sugar

-Red food coloring

-Vanilla (for flavor, but who are we kidding, no one is gonna eat this)

-Branches from neighbors who are cool with you grabbing some branches  (or your own tree if you have a house and/or yard)


  1. Go to grocery store and get super red apples. Don’t worry about freshness since they are a year old anyway. (All grocery store apples usually are. Isn’t that wild?!)
  2. Pull branch off a tree. Insert branch into apple.Contemplate the irony of it being plucked from a tree, only to be speared by another branch. Très Frankenstein. Very fitting for the holiday.
  3. Start making your coating. Sugar, corn syrup, water. Heat slowly. Stir mucho.
  4. Once that starts to boil, grab a candy thermometer . . . from the store . . . ahead of time. Oops, should have mentioned earlier that you’re going to need one.
  5. Remove from heat. Add food coloring. Add vanilla. (Or skip. I truly doubt that anyone is going to eat this.)
  6. Put your hand upon your hip. When I dip, you dip, we dip. (The apples, that is.)
  7. Place on plate and feel accomplished!

One thing is for sure—Hannah Hart’s cookbook has directions like no cookbook before!

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