Healthy Hollywood: Wellness Wednesday – Olympic Runner Allyson Felix’s Gold-Worthy Outlook!

There’s only one thing on Olympic medalist Allyson Felix’s mind – that’s London 2012.

“I’m really excited and motivated! The games are my sports biggest stage and what I’ve worked so hard for. I have put in all the hard work, now I’m excited to get there and perform,” reveals Allyson to Healthy Hollywood.

The sprinting sensation can’t wait to get back on the Olympic stage. She’s already taken home two silver medals, and a gold as a member of the United States’ Women’s 400 meters team. This summer, she wants to win a personal gold medal. She’s working hard to do just that! “I started training four weeks after the last games ended and have not stopped since. I always want to give more than I gave yesterday,” adds Allyson.

At 26, Allyson says her training has become more intense as she’s gotten older and is able to handle more strenuous workouts. “I spend around two and half hours on the track every day running and another 2 hours in the weight room lifting weights with my strength coach. We do a lot of plyometrics and Olympic lifts. He always gives me unique out of the box workouts, some of which you would have to see to believe!” For starters, the petite 5’ 6” Felix can leg press 700 pounds.

Besides her physical training, Allyson knows the importance of being mentally fit. She listens to her body and if she’s got aches and pains, she’s takes a day off to recover. Also, before she hits the track, Allyson has already run the race, adding, “I am a big believer in visualization. I run through my races mentally so that I feel even more prepared.” Also, her mother is often by her side, “My mom is great and I make sure that we pray together before every race. She helps me put everything in perspective and remind me of the real reason I run.”

At heart, Allyson is definitely a girly girl. With her model good looks, she’s scored a number of endorsement deals, including being a spokesperson for Crest 3D. Plus, with all eyes sure to be on her at the upcoming Olympic Games, Allyson will look her best. “I make sure that I put on a good moisturizer and lip gloss. I always want people to know that I’m having fun. I’m grateful for the opportunity to represent my country as runner, so my smile is really important to me and Crest 3D white helps me out with that.”

Here’s to gold in 2012! Healthy Hollywood wishes Allyson the best!

–Terri MacLeod

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