Healthy Hollywood: Wellness Wednesday – Sharon Stone’s Age-Defying Body!

Healthy Hollywood is in awe of Sharon Stone! She looks absolutely stunning in person. Her arms are toned, her abs are flat and her skin is glowing.

I chatted with the actress at her “Lovelace” premiere in New York City, where Sharon was wearing a body-skimming white dress that showed off every curve and there was not one bulge in sight. And, being the gal that I am, I checked her out from head-to-toe and she’s enviably slender (in a healthy way).

At 55, she makes getting older look aspirational! So, what’s the secret?

“I’m a gym rat,” she confessed, adding, “I just joined a regular gym and I like to go where people really work out. I just get into it. I put my headphones on and get lost in there.”

I’m a gym rat too, but my abs do not look like that.

“I think that one should do all exercises from the core. Um, it’s part of the breathing. We don’t have to do all kinds of stuff but we should be able to work with our own bodyweight. I think we should be able to exercises using our own bodies,” adds Sharon.

Besides her rockin’ body, Sharon also has a healthy attitude about aging. She looks at being over-50 as a chance for a new chapter in life. “We’re not getting any younger so this construct of staying boys and girls forever is an absurd concept. We need to enjoy becoming men and to women and to look at it as a goal as we become wise and logical. [We need] to look at ourselves in our 40s and 50s as at the beginning of the next chapter. Do we want the same job, do we want the same life, do we want to live in the same place? I think it’s a logical, intelligent and joyful thing to do.”

Bravo, Sharon Stone! You’re my new favorite leading lady – both intelligent and fabulously healthy!

— Terri MacLeod

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