Henry Winkler Reveals Moment With Bill Hader That Made His ‘Heart’ Fly ‘Out Of My Body’

Bill Hader and Henry Winkler had a special moment on the set of the final season of “Barry.”

The stars of HBO Max’s hit show chatted with Access Hollywood about the upcoming final season, and Henry revealed the special moment he had with Bill on his final day on set.

“The last scene, the last shot was me alone in a room. They called cut, I walked through the door, there was the whole crew that took such good care of us for four years and Bill hugged me and he said, ‘Thank you for being such a great collaborator.’ My heart flew out of my body,” he said.

Bill also showed Henry some love, when he chatted with Access Hollywood calling him “a gift.”

Henry Winkler Over The Years

Henry Winkler Over The Years

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“He’s the gift. He’s a total gift, not just to the show but to earth,” he said.

Bill and Henry’s relationship is an example of the casts close-knit bond, which could be in part because of Bill and his co-creator Alec Berg’s unique on set policy.

“Alec and Bill had a policy, and they kept to it, no a**holes,” Henry told Access. “Not on the crew, not in the cast. And so, these people are at the top of their game.”

HBO Max’s hit show “Barry” wraps up at the end of the fourth season and Bill revealed to Access when he knew season 4 would be the final one.

“I think while we were outlining it during the pandemic, so the summer of 2020,” he said. “Then we didn’t really know and couldn’t really tell as we were kind of writing the scripts, until we started prepping the season and we were like, you know, this was the last one.”

But, although this is the end, the “SNL” alum said fans will see an interesting progression in every character.

“You just kind of see all the characters kind of having Barry’s disease basically,” he told Access. “They’re all trying to figure out what their nature is and how to change it if they need to or not.”

Bill Hader Through the Years

Bill Hader Through the Years

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And as Robert Wisdom puts it, the show will end without a hitch!

“This last season really, the bar is so high, and you see who makes it over and who doesn’t, and it was a thrill to kind of watch what we have been able to watch so far,” Robert told Access. “I think it’s absolutely brilliant in so many ways.”

His Emmy-Award-winning co-star echoed his sentiments, admitting saying goodbye to his character was not easy.

“It’s sad because I didn’t want it to be,” Henry said. “You know we were contracted for five and there was really when the boys decided this is it, Alec [Berg] and Bill [Hader] decided this was it, it made sense.”

The fourth and final season of “Barry” premieres Sunday, April 16 with two episodes on HBO and HBO Max.

– Emely Navarro

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