How Prince Philip Used to Boost The Queen’s Ego: ‘The Duke of Edinburgh Was A Heaven-Sent Consort’

Why Queen Elizabeth Will Sit Alone At Prince Philip’s Funeral

Prince Philp will always be remembered for his commitment to the crown, but it’s what he did behind closed doors for his wife, Queen Elizabeth II, the long-reigning monarch, that is getting praise postmortem.

“He was one of the most practical men I have ever met,” Lady Prudence Penn told Tatler. “He was intensely interested in so many things, always curious to know more and, if possible, to make improvements.”

Lady Penn served as the lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, and reflected on the life of Prince Philip for the publication’s July issue, which celebrates his legacy.

“To my mind, the Duke of Edinburgh was a heaven-sent consort for Her Majesty in every way,” she said.

One of the things she admired about the Queen’s late husband was how he lifted her up before big events.

“I loved the way he would boost the Queen’s ego by telling her how lovely she looked on their way to an engagement,” she said. “He knew how to bring the best out of a woman, and I am sure his advice and encouragement to her were paramount in their relationship.”

Lady Penn says the Duke of Edinburgh was one of the most practical men she has ever met, “being with him was always interesting and fun,” she said.

She shared a sweet anecdote from a lunch she had with Philip at her home shortly after she broke her leg.

“When he arrived, I was standing at the top of the steps up to my front door. I said: ‘How lovely to see you, sir. I am afraid I cannot curtsy.’ He turned round as if to leave and said: ‘In that case, perhaps I had better go.’ It was the kind of remark for which he was sometimes criticised by people who didn’t fully understand his sense of humour,” she said.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip's Love Story

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s Love Story

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Prince Philip’s funeral was held on April 17, 2021, and was a more intimate affair due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. A smaller event is reportedly what he always wanted, and Lady Penn said she believed it was perfect.

“It was a funeral that proved to be one of the most moving, fitting and memorable occasions,” she said.

Prince Philip's Funeral In Photos

Prince Philip’s Funeral In Photos

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