Jaclyn Hill Gets Dragged By Fans For Apology Video About Her Lipsticks

There’s another beauty community scandal brewing!

This time it’s involving Jaclyn Hill, who recently launched her Jaclyn Cosmetics lipstick line, which fans have been dragging online, sharing photos of lipsticks that appeared to have fibers, lumps and more issues.

Following receiving backlash for the products, the YouTuber shared an apology video, attempting to explain what went wrong with her products.

She shuts down accusations that her lipsticks are expired, and says the reason that some of the lipsticks have strange texture is due to the large size of the vats that were used in the production process. The makeup mogul also claims the white fuzzy fibers seen on some of the lipsticks are because of the white cotton gloves that were used in quality control at her factory.

However, despite her apology, a lot of fans weren’t happy with how Hill handled the situation.

“When she blamed the CLIMATE CHANGE I stop watching. I’m done,” one person commented on the video.

“Anyone feel like she was getting a bit aggressive? Lol,” another added.

“Your whole attitude is upset and defensive and fast. idk what u paying ur PR agent for lmao,” a third person wrote.

“You’re providing drama receipts instead of recalling a faulty project,” a fourth person said.

What do you think about the sitch?

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