Jeannie Mai’s Baby Monaco Tries Solid Foods For The First Time In Adorable Video

Jeannie Mai is introducing her daughter to the world of food!

This week, the former “The Real” co-host marked a special milestone with her and husband Jeezy’s 6-month-old daughter Monaco — taking her first tastes of solid foods!

Jeannie documented the experience on YouTube and told fans how excited she was for her little girl to expand her palette.

“Ever since Monaco was three months old, I was like, ‘Yo, when we hit the six-month mark, I’m going to give her foods that are not like Gerber baby food jars and boring, bland, blended stuff,” she said. “I want her to try different things, so she will be a food snob and a foodie like her mama and appreciate foods.”

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“By the age of five, we’re ordering oysters,” Jeannie teased. “We’re having caviar. We’re going to have foie gras if it’s legal in that state!”

With the help of pediatrician Dr. Cyndie Hatcher, the TV personality introduced Monaco to four age-appropriate foods: pureed carrots, avocado, bananas and corn.

She grabbed a spoon of pureed carrots for her first bite and was a total pro, giving it a taste as her mom clapped and smiled.

When Monaco went for the avocado, which Jeannie noted was high on her list.

“Now we’re going to try Mommy’s favorite food! She has to pay $17 dollars for it when it’s put on a piece of bread and called avocado toast!” she joked.

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The avocado was a little trickier for Monaco. The slippery snack slid through her hands and into her lap – but Dr. Cyndie counted her attempt as a win.

“Even if none of the avocado goes in her mouth, it’s a successful feed. Feeding and eating for babies is way more than just ingestion and consumption,” she said, explaining that exploring and learning was just as important.

“So her exploring the avocado is goals,” Jeannie replied.

Check out Jeannie and Monaco’s whole experience in the video below!

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