Jennifer Lopez & Alez Rodriguez Reveal Who Professed Their Love First In Fun Relationship Quiz

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez may be made for each other, but their thoughts on their relationship aren’t exactly a perfect match!

On March 24, the soon-to-be husband and wife played a nearly-wed game of sorts on TikTok, answering questions about their love life with their eyes closed. Hilariously, they were split on quite a few superlatives, including who was quickest to make amends.

“Who apologizes first after a fight?” a voice off camera (likely one of their daughters) asked, while JLo and ARod both pointed to themselves.

They also both thought they were the most patient – but when asked who was the messiest and grumpiest in the morning, they pointed the finger at each other.

When asked who was the more romantic, Alex gave himself the win. But Jennifer seemed torn, gesturing to both her man and herself.

There were a few things the pair did agree on, like JLo’s expert skills in the kitchen! When asked who was the better cook, all fingers were aimed at the “Hustlers” star.

Jennifer also gave Alex props for his outgoing nature, selecting him as the most outgoing.

The “Dinero” singer and baseball pro’s answers also lined up on a key moment of their relationship history: their first “I love you.” According to both parties, ARod was the one who said those three little words first!

Alex and Jennifer’s video is the latest addition to the former’s fast-growing TikTok page. They’ve posted a few fun videos over the past few weeks and went viral for their take on the #FlipTheSwitch challenge, in which they swapped clothes and dance moves to Quavo and Drake’s song of the same name.

They’ve even gotten their blended family in on the fun: Alex’s girls, Natasha and Ella; and Jennifer’s twins, Emme and Max.

In fact, ARod and JLo’s TikTok talents are largely due to their kids. In a recent post, Alex thanked his eldest daughter for helping him get the hang of the very Gen Z-friendly platform.

He wrote, “Still trying to learn how to Tik Tok… lucky to have Tashi as a teacher!”

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