Jenny McCarthy Says Working With Son Evan On ‘The Masked Singer’ Has Been A Game Changer

Jenny McCarthy is on a mission to create clean makeup!

The 50-year-old just released the Elevate Mascara from her Formless Beauty line last week. In a new interview with Access Hollywood, Jenny explained that she wanted to launch a clean mascara because she “couldn’t find other brands that had the ingredients that I wanted to stand behind.”

“A lot of them have aluminum in it. There are some metals in it and the hormone disruptors. I’m already all messed up, I don’t need more hormone disruptors,” she shared. “I wanted to do something that has good ingredients but also actually works.”

When Jenny isn’t busy being an entrepreneur, she’s a panelist on “The Masked Singer.”

While chatting with Access, the businesswoman teased the epic celebrities fans will see unveiled this season and revealed her dream contestant.

“You guys are going to lose your freaking mind, each season gets better and better,” she said. “But I do have a dream of one person that I really want on the show and that’s Beyoncé.”

“The Masked Singer” now holds personal meaning for Jenny now that her 21-year-old son, Evan, works on it.

“Having Evan has been a game changer for him and now for me because I get to see him be so proud and what it looks like to exude that confidence from doing a good job,” she said.

'The Masked Singer' Reveals Costumes For Season 6

‘The Masked Singer’ Reveals Costumes For Season 6

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But there is one thing Jenny said would make the Fox show even more special — having her husband Donnie Wahlberg on it!

Jenny told Access that working with her son and Donnie would be a “dream come true,” but even when she is apart from her husband, he still manages to make her feel special!

She told Access that Donnie has been sending her flowers “every Monday that say ‘Just Cuz’ since we’ve been together.”

“In the hotel room where I’m staying, I’ve been here for a month, I have four beautiful orchids that say ‘Just Cuz.’ He doesn’t forget no matter where I’m at. It’s amazing. He’s so sweet,” she said.

As for how the keep things fresh in their marriage, Jenny said it’s important to do date nights and to stay curious with one another.

“I think sometimes we tend to turn into roommates or workmates. You want to just be able to find the curiosity in your partner no matter how much you think you know them,” she said.

Fans can watch “The Masked Singer” on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Fox and they can purchase the Elevate Mascara at

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