Jessica Simpson Dishes On Partnership With PetSafe: ‘I Feel So Blessed’

Jessica Simpson is a big animal lover!

The 43-year-old fashion mogul spoke with Access Hollywood’s Kit Hoover at PetSafe’s Unleashed event to celebrate International Dog Day and dished on her partnership with the brand as well as revealing which dog her three kids, Maxwell, Birdie and Ace think she’s most like.

“If I would be a dog my children have said I would be a Corgi because I have short arms and a long body,” she playfully revealed.

The fashion mogul also opened up about her partnership with PetSafe.

“PetSafe is a beautiful partnership that I feel so blessed to be a part of because really it’s just about keeping dogs happy, healthy. I personally love the dog park situation, but I find, I have eight dogs because my kids ask for a dog every Christmas and they think Santa brings a dog and all their friends are like, ‘Santa doesn’t bring me a dog!’” she said.

She continued, “We are like our Santa does every year so I’m sure I’ll be on a ninth dog this year. Penny (my dog) is the one that we’ve like, all of ours dogs are our dogs they come over to our backyard because we have a really big backyard, but we have let people adopt them. So I feel like an adopting agency. Yeah, but there are three at the house (currently).”

The star also opened up about her relationship with husband Eric Johnson, and their upcoming 10th wedding anniversary.

Jessica Simpson: Red Carpet Style File

Jessica Simpson: Red Carpet Style File

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It was love at first sight. It was infatuation at first sight and there was something so peaceful and gentle about him that I had never experienced in a man,” she gushed. “Just something so gracious and gentle, like I wanted to understand him. You know and I felt protected and safe with him and supported.”

Jessica also revealed the key to her long and happy relationship.

“Well obviously I feel like a lot of people say the key is communication but it’s also communication as friends. Like I think you have to be best friends I mean you are doing everything in life together. You know but it is good to keep the romance there, even with three kids on top of our head…it’s hard but he will leave me little notes because he’ll wake up early me, he’ll leave me little letters like there is a lot of things, like hm I can’t wait to get my hands on him later. I think that you have to have those little things as a couple that are just between you two,” she shared.

Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson: The Happy Couple

Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson: The Happy Couple

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Jessica also shared about facing scrutiny in the media.

“Well now my kids have seen me being still scrutinized and it’s very confusing to them because they’re like, well I don’t even understand this like why don’t they just say you look pretty mom? You look pretty. And I’m like honey I really don’t I wish I could explain it. I wish I could say, for me it has gotten better but it still remains the same and I don’t know why but it’s okay because honestly for the Jessica Simpson Collection it’s been a beautiful thing because I have been every size, I do understand every body, every woman, and their mentality and how deserving they are of fashion and style and it’s just such a natural thing for me so I have to like I tell my kids how you feel about yourself is how you should feel,” she said.

Jessica added, “And it’s not about, you don’t dress for anybody else, you don’t try to look like anybody else, I mean somebody can inspire something but truly you don’t need to be anybody size. Maxwell is the tallest in her grade and she’s like, ‘Should I be insecure?’ I’m like the fact that you’re asking me if you should be insecure means absolutely not. You’re comfortable, you stay comfortable, you be you and I think that more than weight that people have focused on we need to focus on our mentality about even talking about weight. I think it just doesn’t need to be a conversation”

— Stephanie Swaim

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