John Boyega On Telling Family About ‘Star Wars’ Role: ‘My Dad Had No Clue’

Wars: The Force Awakens” has already broken box office records, but star
John Boyega says someone very close to him wasn’t on the original bandwagon.

dad had no clue,” the British newcomer told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on
Friday’s Access Hollywood Live, explaining that his family hadn’t heard of the
iconic space saga before he landed a lead role in its new hit sequel.

he was still excited,” John added of his dad’s reaction. “I mean, he
was over the moon that his son has a job. You know, it’s something to look
forward to.”

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23-year-old said he was initially reluctant to reveal he was even up
for the part of Stormtrooper Finn, fearing he would get people’s hopes up.

didn’t want to tell my parents,” he said. “Telling them about a
possibility of a dream and if you don’t get it, they will be so

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When he was finally able to
give them the good news, John continued, the announcement was overwhelming.

cried. I was sobbing,” he said. “This is after seven months of
auditioning, so it’s like you don’t know whether your life is going to
change or you go back to how your life used to be. It’s like so crazy to feel
like I booked the part after so long.”

Despite the arduous casting
process, John had already been on director J.J. Abrams’ radar since starring in
2011’s hit sci-fi indie “Attack the Block.”

The actor told Billy and Kit
that he did hope the mastermind behind “Lost” and the revamped
“Star Trek” franchise would think of him for a new project, but he
never dreamed it would be something so huge. 

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thought it would be a TV show with me in the background, you know, playing one
of the members of catering,” he joked. “I never knew it was going to
be a lead guy in ‘Star Wars.'”

that the film is finally out, John said he’s still struggling to comprehend his

is a dream. I mean, this is not the guy in the background people, this is not a
few scenes, this is the damn lead guys! This is the lead!” he said.

for the opportunity to work with returning “Star Wars” legends, John
hinted that he may have made quite the impression on set with his elders.

his best friend,” he joked of Harrison Ford, who portrays steely
swashbuckler Han Solo. “I bring out the joy in Harrison. I do have his
number in my cell phone. I do. And I’m so glad to say that because if you check
my phone I could call him right now. Probably go to voicemail because he’d be
like, ‘Oh, this kid.'”

what’s next for John? With “Star Wars” turning his spotlight brighter
than ever, the single star said he could be ready to refocus on his personal

younger, look. Listen, I’m 23 guys,” John told Billy and Kit of his dating
prospects. “The galaxy is very, very huge and I want to discover it.”

— Erin Biglow

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